CRUTCH S​/​T 2016


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Review in MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL, June 2016:

"CRUTCH sets the tone with the cover of their tape, which features a convicted pig with a noose around his neck. They start it off with a brooding, sludgy thing that reminds me of "The Bit" by the MELVINS, but quickly drop into an unstoppable onslaught of ferocious fastcore, powerviolence, and even hints of crossover-era DRI (but thankfully, that aspect is ever so fleeting). At times it feels like the more serious moments of SPAZZ, minus that dude with the funny voice (I know you know what I mean). Ever song is packed with the intensity of a tornado knocking your fucking town off the map. A force to be reckoned with." (Greg)


released February 2, 2016

Recorded by Daniel Felton at Brainard Farms in Enid, Oklahoma, January 2016.

Mastered by Will Killingsworth at Dead Air Studios.



all rights reserved


CRUTCH Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Death By Borders//Abuser

great migration met by violent force
left their homes at the small chance of a survival
civilized nations ignore the cries of children
drowned at sea - they chose not to save them
bodies line the beach, but that won’t change a thing
once again they’ve shown their true humanity


this time you have crossed the line
forced your filth on another
playing the part of the victim
hiding behind a big white smile
your abuse has no place in our community
Track Name: Sin-Makers
crossbearers, saints and saviors
sin-makers, death bringers

no resolution on their stained glass stage
two thousand years of empty promises
their mandates set to control and confine
turn the tables, burn their books, and see the end of faith

resist control
Track Name: Outsider
a safe space for freaks and queers?
all i see are straight white males
a mirror of a college frat
a bullshit clique and I don’t fit
I won’t be your token
you don’t need me, and I don’t need you
outsider among outsiders
Track Name: Ghost Whisperer
depriving people of their human rights
only thinking of yourself
taking orders from a ghost
your faith will only take you underground
weak minded fool
purveyor of shit
you’ll choke on your words
with my fist down your throat
Track Name: Unnatural Selection
sick of your bigoted mentality
you lost your way in evolution
now i’m feeling violent
backward hillbilly fuck
your superiority is shit
bigot racist sexist
pile of shit
Track Name: Noise
noise fills your skull
along its path of destruction
tearing through precious membrane
like an unstoppable force
eardrums burst bloody surge
throbbing head ringing ears
scar tissue ultraviolent
you have had the time of your life
Track Name: Culture Commodity
pushed to the fringes of a society that hates them
they constructed a community in the shadows
buildings that offered a safe place of escape
have now become another hetero breeding playground
next time you're appropriating culture
just make sure you know your place
It’s probably not here
Track Name: Low Hum
solitude magnified
run and fucking hide
permeate, denigrate
despair as a frequency
Track Name: Exempt Employee
I spend more than 8 hours a day
with people who don't give a fuck about me
i’m just one less dollar in a quarterly report
I just hope i exist in their best interest
every day i’m pushed further to the edge
I don’t get paid enough for this shit
sometimes I imagine all of my superiors
drowning in a warm ocean of piss
I just want to be alone
I just want to feel nothing
sometimes i want to feel like i’m not their property
Track Name: Hell To Pay
fucking leech
bleed dry everything
pull on every thread
watch them fall apart
don't know what you do
don't know what you say
fucking bullshit
see right through it
now there's hell to pay
Track Name: Eight Floors Above (Left For Dead)
back at the office it's after hours
tomorrow they'll scrape the brains off the wall
office meeting ends in tragedy
put a name to a smashed in face
the truth is lying on the sidewalk
like a broken egg
drying on the concrete
briefcase still in hand
last attempt at freedom
from eight floors above
be sure to notify the boss